Czech Mountains

Beskydy (Beskydy Mountains)
The Beskydy Mountains are located in the mountainous region on the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An exceptional value of this region’s natural and cultural wealth has lead to the fact that this area had been declared the nature reserve in 1973. The highest peak of Beskydy Mountains is “Lysá hora” (Bald Mountain) – 1448 yards (1324 meters) ASL.

Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise)
The Bohemian Paradise is situated one hundred kilometers to the northeast from Prague. This picturesque area borders on foot-hills of the Giant Mountains in the east and is marked off by the belt of The Jizerské Mountains and The Giant Mountains in the north. The extraordinary diversity of the landscape with characteristic sandstone rock towns, flora and fauna was the main reason for proclaiming The Bohemian Paradise the first protected natural area. The main symbol of The Bohemian Paradise is the basalt double hump Trosky with the ruin of medieval castle, characteristic at a distance with its silhouette.

Vysočina (Czech Highlands)
The name is derived from the name Ceskomoravska Vrchovina [Bohemian-Moravian Highlands], a hilly, undulating countryside situated between the two historical lands of the Czech Republic; Bohemia and Moravia. Vysocina reaches over 800 meters in altitude, lying between the two distinct mountain ranges of Zdarske Vrchy in the North of the region and Jihlavske Vrchy in the South-West.

Český les (Czech Forest)
Is located in the foothill of Čerchov, the highest mountain of the mountain range Czech Forest and lies just in the border village Folmava. This border crossing has a rich history as the meeting point of people of different nations, tradesmen and warriors. The nature is well preserved as it used to be the area of impermeable border.

České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland)
This region offers many touristic trails  leading through the scenery of the rocky towns, the mesas,  the passes, deep gorges and hillsides. While walking through the countryside you may find the fossils of former sea animals. You will be fascinated by an articulation of the landscape as well as the picturesque nature games you can find at every turn. Although it´s the lowest place in the Czech republic, you will feel like being in the mountains. The most visited places are  for sure the largest and most unique sandstone bridge in Europe „Pravčická gate“ and sailing on the boats through the passes of Kamenice river.

Orlické hory (Eagle Mountains)
Are an indivisible part of the mountain fortifications that form a natural border of the Czech basin. They belong to the Sudeten system – Orlický hřbet (Eagle Ridge), which is about a thousand meters above sea level, is the highest part of the Central Sudetenland. It is narrow, compact ridge with deep-cut valleys of the Divoká (Wild) and Tichá (Quiet) Orlice rivers to the south-east.

Krkonoše (Giant Mountains)
The Giant Mountains are the most well known mountains in the Czech republic – mountain Snezka is the highest peak of the country. The Giant Mountains are the most visited region in Czech in the winter season

Javorníky (Javorniky Mountains)
Javorníky Mountains are situated on territory of Moravia and Slovakia in the region of Slovakia-Moravian Carpathian Mountains. The highest point is Velký Javorník ( 1071 m), marked  also as Chotárna. Most part of Javorníky Mountains  belong to Slovakia. On the Czech territory Javorníky form part of Protected  Natural Area Beskydy.

Jeseníky (Jeseniky Mountains)
The Jeseníky Mountains spread out in the most northern corner of Moravia at the state border with Poland. Their heart is formed by the Hrubý Jeseník, the second highest mountain ridge in the Czech Republic. The whole region is interwoven with a dense network of marked hiking paths, and the many recreational and sports centres offer possibilities to spend pleasant moments of relaxation or sport in these Moravian mountains.

Jizerské hory (Jizera Mountains)
The Jizera Mountains are located in the northern part of the Czech Republic. They are another borderland chain of mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. The highest peak of Jizera Mountains – the Wysoka Kopa Mountain  is located on the Polish side. The “Smrk Mountain” (Pine Mountain)  is the highest peak on the Czech side. The Jizera Mountains connect to the “Krkonoše Mountains” (Giant Mountains) on the east side, and they are neighboring with the “Lužické hory” (Lusatian Mountains) on the west side.

Lužické hory (Lusatian Mountains)
The Lusatian Mountains is a relatively small mountain range on the border with Germany, between the towns Kamenice, Nový Bor and Liberec. The highest mountain is Luž. A small part of the mountains is situated in Germany and is called Zittauer Gebirge. The Lusetian Mountains are covered mostly by woods, you can find here a lot of typical plants, some of them belong in the Czech Republic to the endangered species.

Moravský kras (Moravian Karst)
Is one of the most important karst area of Central Europe. In the area of Moravian Karst, there are more than 1100 caverns and gorges. But only 4 caves of the all number are open to public. There most famous Punkva Caves with their underground river – during the cruise you can see there the bottom of the famous Macocha Abyss.

Krušné hory (Ore Mountains)
In Central Europe they have formed a natural border between Saxony and Bohemia for many centuries. The highest peaks are the Klinovec, which rises to 1,244 metres above sea level. The area played an important role as the setting of the earliest stages of the early modern transformation of mining and metallurgy from a craft to a large-scale industry, a process that preceded and enabled the later industrial revolution.

Pálavské vrchy (Palava Hills)
The Pálava Hills or Pavlov Hills, or just Pálava with its limestone rocks, oak groves, ruins of medieval castles and unique architecture of the historical town of Mikulov are among the best known and frequently visited places in the Czech Republic. These limestone walls are not very high, the highest point Děvin is only 554 meters above sea, but are very visible as their white rocks rise out of an otherwise fairly flat landscape.

Rychlebské hory (Rychleby Mountains)
The Rychlebské Mountains are flat mountainous region in the north of Moravia. They are located on the border with Poland, where they join with the Góry Złote and Góry Bialskie ranges.

Slavkovský les (Slavkov Forest)
Slavkov Forest is relatively lowland mountain range, situated in West Bohemia, among Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne. Around this mountain belt, there are to be found Smrčiny, Iron Mountains and Bohemia Forest. The highest peak of Slavkov Forest is Lesný mountain (or hill, better to say), 983 metres high.

Šumava (Sumava Mountains)
he main parts of the Šumava  Mountains were proclaimed the National Park in 1991. Of the three national parks in the Czech Republic the Šumava National Park, (69,030ha), is the largest. The Šumava National Park with the neighbouring Bavarian Forest National Park, covers approximately one third of the whole of the forested area of the Šumava Mountains and the Bavarian Forest.

Bílé Karpaty (White Carphatians)
Bílé Karpaty Mountains are situated in southeast part of Czech Republic, near to the Slovakian border. The mountain range beginns at Zarieči in Slovakia and ends near Valašské Klobouky where is turning  again to the Slovakian border.  The mountains are limited with valley of river Váh and Low-Moravian Dale. The biggest peak is Velká Javořina (970 m).

Žďárské vrchy (Zdar Peaks)
Žďár Peaks (Žďárské vrchy) are located on the east part of Ceskomoravska Vrchovina and its border is qualified by bigger towns as Nove Mesto na Morave, Zdar nad Sazavou, Hlinsko, Policka and Bystrice nad Perstejnem. It is one of the much-sought-for recreation spot in Czech Republic. In 1970 this place has been pronounced as a protected zone.


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